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Rosemarie - I am the messenger
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Allow me to help you hear your message so that you can heal your heart or validate your purpose and path.

I will empower you to understand the path you've walked and the journey ahead, It is my journey to provide healing through love and understanding with a true connection to Spirit.

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Review's & Testimonial's
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To read more on the wonderful work carried out by Rosemarie, visit the testimonial page on the site and see what she has done for others....

She can do the same for you.
Be it from the past, present or future

I look forward to working with you

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Rosemarie – “The Messenger”

Internationally known Intuitive, Psychic Medium and Radio Show Host.

Rosemarie is: " Your Pathway to Those That Have Crossed Over"

rosemarie the messengerRosemarie's gift is pure organic! It has not come from classes or seminars. She became aware of her intuitive abilities as a young child. It wasn't until a near death experience that she received her message and purpose. "To heal mankind as The Messenger" Since then, she has been helping people hear their message, so that they can heal their heart or validate their purpose and path.

Rosemarie's connection to spirit and her ability to mediate between human beings and spirit is internationally known. Rosemarie's gift has touched many people through the healing between those here or those that have passed, or just the knowing that our loved ones are ok.

She continues to help others heal daily while being a business entrepreneur. Her goal is to help empower people to understand the path they have walked and the journey ahead...

Be it from your past, present, future or from those that have crossed over, "She knows Spirit has a message for you".

Rosemarie's spiritual work has taken her on many paths. Her spiritual home business is where a majority of her reading's take place. Readings are done in person, but equally as many are done by phone.

She also was a weekly co-host of Believing is The Quest, Trust Is The Key radio show on Achieve Radio in Denver Colorado. She was a constant reader monthly at 3 different Metaphysical Fairs; San Antonio and Austin Texas.

While in Texas she was also the resident Medium at the Metaphysical and Gem Store, The Crystal Mystic. Her loyal clientele has followed her where ever she has traveled, Rosemarie looks forward to meeting and serving you through spirit and love.

Along with her spiritual work she has also worked over 20+ years in ICU Medicine.

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A true gift!

A good friend of mine referred me to Rosemarie after my best friend passed in August of 2018, and it… Read more “A true gift!”

Brianna Boatwright

She helped me to heal!

My mom passed away last year and I was struggling to heal. I needed to connect with my mom and… Read more “She helped me to heal!”


A very healing visit for a broken heart.

I had just recently lost my Mother the day I first met Rose Marie. My suffering was overwhelming and I… Read more “A very healing visit for a broken heart.”

Alisha Fulenwider

Ms. Rosemarie The Messenger is awesome!

I met Ms. Rosemarie The Messenger at the 2019’s Galactic Expo. I went to see her after paying for 30… Read more “Ms. Rosemarie The Messenger is awesome!”

Joanie King
Nashville, Tennessee

Confirmation for healing! Amazing Messenger!

I went to see RM shortly after my dad died in March…..the messages she gave me were personal and several… Read more “Confirmation for healing! Amazing Messenger!”

Beth Higginbotham

Rosemarie is a Truly a blessing.

I have known Rosemarie for nearly 15 years. We made a connection the first time we met. She is genuine… Read more “Rosemarie is a Truly a blessing.”

Joyce Terral

My Reading Recommendation

I had the distinct pleasure of meeting Rosemarie in person when she lived in Texas and I can tell you… Read more “My Reading Recommendation”

psychic testimonial
Anja M
San Antonio, Texas

My Dear Friend Rosemarie

I have had the privilege of experiencing several readings from Rosemarie.
She is very in touch with Guides and… Read more “My Dear Friend Rosemarie”

icon world health
Chris Kees-Owner of Kees for your Wellbeing


I love working with Rosemarie. I met her at a psychic fair 3 years ago and felt very drawn to… Read more “Wonderful!”

Ann, Business Owner

10 years of therapy in one hour

I used to watch TV shows with Mediums and could only dream at a chance to connect with loved ones… Read more “10 years of therapy in one hour”

Michelle Cowles

Message from Mother

I still remember my reading from Rosemarie.  My mother came through, she’s been on the other side for 25 years… Read more “Message from Mother”

Mary Martinez

Natural Ability

From the moment I met Rosemarie she comforted me with her natural ability to nurture and gave me a sense… Read more “Natural Ability”


Family Reading

This is in appreciation of Rosemarie for helping my daughter and me thru a really agonizing time in our lives

Wymon Miles

After close friend passed

She was able to give me spot on messages that only him and I understood. She even passed along messages from him for me to pass along to his cousin

Sarah McIntire
San Antonio, Texas


“I am so grateful to Rosemarie for the very uplifting and informative reading she gave me.



“My reading with Rosemarie was life-altering. She was able to connect me with my loved one and allow me the… Read more “Beth”